Inspiring Read

Our organization is designed to educate, inspire, motivate and empower others on how to be their best self after toxic relationships, abuse and surviving it all.  With my memior you will connect with the contents on overcoming obstacles and how to deliver yourself from pain while embracing your  purpose.  "Looking Inside Myself and Surviving". a memior by Phyllis M. Ewing.  This book will inspire you, motivate you and empower you to allow yourself to  finally  breathe and be free from all that is toxic. 

QUOTE: Standing ToGether...Creating Change ~ You are not someone's trophy, you have a mission to accomplish to get clarity about who you are as an individual; you are your own strength. So why should you own it, live it and embrace it? WHY? Because, it simply defines who you are as an individual, So.....go ahead, embrace the good life as it unfolds right before your eyes. Be BOLD within yourself and Be BOLD in your PURPOSE ~ Phyllis M.Ewing