We at InFinitye UNited are a Non-profit organization that supports Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence.  Our MISSION is to strive to all  levels of expertise to help everyone who are victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence and to children who are victims of child bullying. Our VISION is to help guide others in a positive direction while building their self-esteem and confidence.  Our MOTTO is with everyone "All In" for the cause, Standing ToGether....Creating Change can produce a powerfull impact as we all strive to helping others in the time of a crisis. 

The 4 Pea's of InFinitye: Have PATIENCE, Be POSITIVE, Have PASSION and Have a PURPOSE......................................InFinitye is Forever

Embracing Your Purpose

Our organization promotes Faith, Healing and Hope. We are here to Inspire, Empower, Educate and Motivate others who are torn in relationships and who have fallen victim to Domestic and Sexual Abuse and the tools and coping skills to children who are affected by child bullying.